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To whom does God give the pastoral office?

To whom does God give the pastoral office?

This office is a gift of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:12). The apostles He sent out were men. The pastors they sent out were men. Jesus' gift of male pastors was unchanged even in Gentile lands where women were widely accepted as community leaders and priestesses. In Corinth some were tempted to reject Jesus' gift of male leaders in a setting of worship (I Cor. 14:26). The Holy Spirit led the Apostle Paul to clearly proclaim that it was by the command of the Lord (I Cor. 14:37) that in none of the churches of the saints did women ever assume the position of public preaching and teaching (I Cor. 14:33). This ran contrary to the pagan culture of the community in Corinth so one cannot say that Jesus and His apostles were simply trying to avoid cultural taboos.

Nor is Jesus gift of the pastoral office given to all males. He must be the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money...a good manager of his own household...not a recent convert...etc. (I Tim. 3:2-7).

Jesus elevated the staus of women in wonderful ways. He encouraged them to study the scriptures and regarded them as equal members of the community. Yet He entrusted the preaching/teaching office to males only. He is the perfect giver of gifts and His manner of giving this office is out of divine love for men and women.