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A couple of decades ago I read the following in a Protestant publication: If every church member in the United States were to suddenly lose his/her job and went on welfare, and yet were willing to tithe from the amount received from public assistance, giving in the nation’s churches would immediately increase over 30%.Interesting comment and perhaps a bit unsettling!  Food for thought about the portion of our treasure we return to God in faith!

What about the 10% tithe?

Does God require you to tithe?Among some of the mega mass-media churches, tithing is required for membership and billed as improving a member’s lot in life.  Tithing is seen as a new law of obedience for “real” Christians.  Testimonials are given that turn up the heat on all to tithe.  The financial success of individuals and of the church operation is seen as proof that God requires and blesses tithing.  Tithing pays off – so do it!  Just look at these “real” Christians and their success and this huge facility and this mega payroll!  Now get with it!