means "to appear" or "show forth".  The Epiphany Season like the Day of Epiphany  (Jan 6th) stresses the light of Christ being made known in the darkness of this sinful world.  The Coming of the Wisemen testifies to the first gentiles to witness God-in-the-flesh!  In the early church The Day of Epiphany was recognized as the second most important festival after Easter.

But this whole Epiphany Season is full of light in this dark world.  Yes, the days are short and cold!  The weather may sometimes get us down.  The scarcity of sunshine can definitely affect moods and health.  But God has come with brilliant light among us in Jesus and He still does.  The one the Wisemen worshipped, the one baptized in the Jordan, the one who taught and healed and helped, is the light of the world!

Receiving His gifts, dark clouds of guilt are dispersed.  Receiving His love, shadows of uncertainty are swept away.  Rejoicing in His presence, problems of purpose and place are put in their place.  

Did you ever notice that after the Wisemen fall to the ground showering precious gifts on Jesus, they disappear from history.  They travelled a different path after leaving the Christ child as they returned home.

You also are travelling a different path - one filled with the light and love of God's forgiveness in Christ!  You also are headed home - according to God's timing - held in God's hand!  That is a good place to be!  That is a place of grace and hope and light in any dark time and place!

The people that in darkness sat
A glorioius light have seen;
The light has shined on them who long
In shades of death have been
 (LSB #412)