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Prayer should come as easily and naturally to us as breathing or eating.  Yet, we all know how hard it is to pray.

We know that we should pray.  We would like to pray more regularaly, ardently, and spontaneously.  The harder we try, the more we seem to fail.  But that's how it's meant to be.  Christ lets us fail when we pray by ourselves so that we rely on His intercession for us.  Oddly, our success in prayer comes from our personal failure and our willingness to carry on as He works for us and with us.

Jesus prays for us at every stage of our journey with Him; He prays for us from the font to the moment of death.

He does not just pray for us, He prays with us so that we can join Him in His praying.  This happens for us, most obviously , in the Divine Service.  There He includes us in His praying and gets us to join Him as He prays for us and the whole world.  Jesus presents Himself to us as our intercessor and prays with us. That's why we pray to the Father "through Jesus Christ our Lord" and in His name.

The Above thoughts are taken from "Grace upon Grace" by John W. Kleinig (pages 157-160).