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We have availabe for use numerous tracts that explain different aspects of the Christian faith and life and that discuss frequently asked questions in today's culture.  Some of the tracts are helpful for the unchurched such as those entitled "The Gospel", "The Bible" and "Holy Baptism".  Several of the tracts focus on the other chief articles of the Small Catechism.   There is a tract entitled "Lutheran Worship" which is a helpful introduction to important truths about why we gather together each week to receive God's gifts.  There are also tracts on "Christian Families", on "Death and Dying", on "Christian Stewardship", on "Creation and Evolution", on "Living Together without Marriage", on "Abortion", on "The Differences between the LCMS and the ELCA", on "Fellowship in the Lord's Supper" and other current topics of concern.  This series of tracts additionally includes some on the cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses and one on the religion of Islam.

Should you have opportunity to share a tract with someone or see the need to become better able to speak caringly and scripturally and lovingly on these and other topics, please ask for any number of tracts that you might desire in the church office, or click here to view them online.