The danger of falling from the faith is real and immediate when the culture is against you and when aspects of government are against you and when established religion is against you and when the economy is against you and when your own feelings are against you.  The greatest enticement of the flesh in such an environment is not moral transgression as much as surrendering the Gospel for the security of ordinary life.  Amid such testing, James connects pastors and hearers to the liberating wisdom that is found only in the person and preaching of Jesus Christ. 

There was an atmosphere of persecution when James was written.  There was as yet no large Gentile influence when James was written.  The time and place and audience is very close to the life and death and resurrection of Jesus.  In a unique way the study of James will help us see the life of the church in its earliest years.  In a unique way, the study of James will also help us see that there is no perfect family.   It is a great call to repentance – a call to turn from false faith and from mere profession of faith and from the wisdom of the world and from ourselves.

The epistle of James is a wonderful book with which to begin our fall adult Bible Study.  You will be enriched and refreshed by this opportunity and your presence is most certainly desired!  Do join us beginning September 11th at 10:35AM in the lower multi-purpose room at Luther Memorial Chapel!