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     Lord God, heavenly Father, once again a week comes to its end.  Forgive us for having sinned again this week.  we pray You not to look upon our guilt: forgive us every sin of thought, word, and deed; forgive our inner blindness disbelief, doubt, feeble mindedness, impatience, arrogance, evil desires, lust, secret envy, hate, resentment, and our other sins.
     Redeem us by Your mercy.  We know that a single sin eternally destroys our fellowship with You.  We know that we have earned Your wrath.  We know that by our sin we are not worthy to be named Your children.  But our hope is not in our works; our hope is found in Your grace alone, O God.  We pray You to forgive us for the sake of Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son.  Through Him, grant that we may lead a life well-pleasing to you in true humility and in the knowledge of your holy will.  O Lord, teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
     Let the coming Sunday be a blessing for all Christians and for me.  Waken in us a hunger for your Word and Sacrament.  Prepare our hearts that we may take part in the eternal liturgy sung before your throne, and grant that in the Sacrament we may join the never-ending feast, until that final day comes.  Hear our prayer for the sake of the Lamb, Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

From "Treasury of Daily Prayer" - p. 1309