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From 1522 to 1530, from Worms to Augsburg, more essays flowed from the pen of Luther on the Lord's Supper than on any other single topic.  Next to justification, the Lord's Supper is the theme Luther wrote about most, for he understood orthodoxy as the right teaching and right worship of the triune God.  (p. 100)

The weekly opportunity to commune was central to the reforms Luther made as he sought to return to the worship practice of the Scriptures and the early church.  Coupled with his proclamation of justification by grace for Christ's sake through faith was his weekly provision of the means by which the risen Christ brought the fruits of His cross to His people.  The recovery of Communion received by the laity every Sunday was at the heart of Luther's efforts in the Reformation.  (p. 110)

Quotes from "The Blessings of Weekly Communion" - CPH - 2006