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The Book of Hebrews says that now we are in the last days (Hebrews 1:2).  The last days began when God sent his Son to be born as the God-man Jesus.  And the Son made it clear to us that no one, absolutely no one (not even the angels!), knows the date of the very last day.  The day, the hour, that last minute - only the Father knows when that will be (Matthew 24:36).  Be suspicious of anyone who tries to pinpoint an exact date for Jesus' return.  It has always been a waste of time trying to "decode" alleged messages hidden in Scripture that supposedly reveal the date of Christ's return.

(Lutheranism 101 - p. 52).  (See pages 55-58 of Lutheranism 101 for a listing of Great Predictions of the End of the World as we Know it from AD 992 through May of 2011 and to December 21 of 2012).