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alt"Stained glass windows in church usage are not intended to be mere decoration.  Not only are they to help provide an atmosphere of reverence and worship in a sacred place, but, beyond this, their purpose is to teach by the visual method and to lead the mind of the worshipper away from the things of the world to those of the spirit. For centuries stained glass has been, in the best sense, a visual aid which perpetually and silently tells the story of God’s love. Indeed, in the ages when few people could read and when few received formal instruction in the Scriptures, stained glass performed a vital function of visual instruction. The church windows themselves preached and taught the Gospel." ~ from the Introduction

The text contained in this booklet is taken from the original "The Word of God" book, dating back to April 22, 1951.  It has been reformatted and updated, including photographs, by Matthew Fleming.

A Collection of Recipes by Luther Memorial Chapel & University Student Center

Our Daily Bread is the newest in a series of cookbooks published here at Luther Memorial Chapel & University Student Center over the years.  These previous books include: The East Milwaukee Cookbook, compiled by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Luther Chapel in 1917, The Shorewood Cookbook, compiled by the Ladies' Aid Society of LMC in 1922, and the first edition of Our Daily Bread, compiled by the LMC Evening Guild in the 1970s.

We have sprinkled recipes and other anecdotes from the previous editions throughout this book.  All told, over 500 recipes have been collected from church members, both past and present.  While we have not utilized a test kitchen of our own, we know the members of this congregation to be healthy, hearty cooks...having shared many meals together here at church over the years.  We invite you to enjoy the variety of recipes, history and humor sprinkled throughout this book, from tips on filing taxes (if your eggs come from your own farm) to recipes from before 1917!

This edition of Our Daily Bread has been published to raise money for the purchase of a new pipe organ here at Luther Memorial Chapel & University Student Center in the near future.  All donations received for the cookbooks will go to the LMC Organ Fund.  

Our Daily Bread makes a great gift and a wonderful addition to your own kitchen!  If you would like a copy of the new LMC Cookbook, send your name and mailing address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A donation of $23 will cover the cost of printing and mailing the cookbook to you.

by Kathryn Ann Hill

Jesus Christ used stories called parables to teach His hearers about the kingdom of heaven.  Broadly speaking, these parables may be interpreted in two different ways.  In the first way, the parables are taken as instruction in what we must do to belong to the kingdom of God.  In the second way, the parables open our eyes to see what our Lord has done and keeps on doing to make us citizens of His kingdom.  This second way predominates in the poems of To You It Has Been Given.

•42 NKJV parable texts
•43 original metrical poems
•19 wood engravings by Pre-Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais
•Scripture index for the parables
•List of poems that match familiar hymn tunes

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by Kathryn Ann Hill

Rich in Grace: The Bible of the Poor for 21st-Century Christians
is the title of a recently published book by LMC church secretary Kathryn Ann Hill. The book combines something old and something new to teach about God’s grace to His people.

The old things are pictures from a medieval Bible story book called the Bible of the Poor. Each picture has three panels. A scene from the life of Christ in the center is flanked by two scenes from Old Testament Bible stories. The new things are poems that explain how the three Bible stories give a single witness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

For more information about this 85-page softcover volume, visit www.alpb.org.  The book may also be ordered by calling office manager Donna at 1-607-746-7511.

By Kenneth Wieting

This is a 35-page illustrated booklet of Communion announcements for church bulletins available from Luther Memorial Chapel. The announcements provide multiple choices for each season of the church year with art work appropriate to the season. There are also general announcements suitable for any Sunday of the church year.

These announcements help teach the congregation and visitors about the loving practice of closed Communion with variety of expression. To order a copy, send your name and address to the email address below, or use the phone number. A donation of $5 will cover the cost of printing and mailing the booklet to you.
Luther Memorial Chapel & University Student Center
3833 N. Maryland Ave.
Shorewood, WI 53211-2431

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By Kenneth Wieting

alt"Pastor, if the Lord's Supper is everything that the Bible and the catechism says it is, then why don't we have the opportunity to receive it when we come for worship each week?"
This one question helped kick off more than a decade of exploration of the "treasure of weekly Communion" by Kenneth Wieting. This book offers the culmination of his research. Here Wieting invites pastors and people to examine the scriptural, confessional, and historical information that supports the practice of weekly Communion. As he traces the practice of the Lord's Supper from the early church to its celebration in the Lutheran Church today, Wieting reflects on how this historic and textual evidence confirms the value of weekly Communion.
The Blessings of Weekly Communion also offers helpful ways to recover the practice of weekly Communion. Wieting shows how preaching the Word prepares for and leads to the celebration of the Lord's Supper in the Divine Service. Each chapter includes discussion questions to help readers reflect and apply the material to their personal and corporate worship.
(From the back cover)
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